Appointment and Scheduling Applications

Stratelogics develops customized appointment and scheduling applications that help businesses schedule the following more efficiently:


  • shift work, assignments, meetings and travel.
  • fleet vehicles, equipment, product demo kits for conferences.
  • meeting rooms and conference facilities.
  • appointments including customer self-serve bookings.

One or more of the following advanced features can be included in your customized implementation:

  • A multilingual user interface that allows each user to use the software in English, French, Spanish or German. Contact us for other languages.
  • An Auto-Scheduling feature that optimizes schedules according to configurable business rules. For example:
    • University exam schedules that ensure that no students have exam conflicts
    • Optimizing sales call appointments to minimize travel costs
    • Routing of deliveries to reduce fleet mileage while still meeting delivery deadlines
  • Automated voice, SMS and email appointment reminders for customers and employees.
  • ScheduleAdjust™ that detects when a field employee is running late for customer appointments and automatically calls customers to advise of adjusted appointment times.

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