Microsoft SQL Server


This product has come a long way since its first Windows release in 1993. Some reasons why we think it is the best all-round RDMS (Relational Database Management System) are:

Cost Effective

A range of Microsoft SQL Server editions exist for all types of users ranging from the free Express and Compact editions to the full-blown Enterprise edition. For those without their own IT infrastructure, volume pricing from Microsoft allows Stratelogics to extend extremely competitive application and database hosting rates to our customers.

Large Developer Community

The elegant simplicity and cost effectiveness of SQL Server has led to a high adoption rate among businesses and development shops. There is now a large community of professionals sharing knowledge on SQL Server. For customers with custom solutions using SQL Server, it is much easier to hire an expert to perform maintenance or follow work.

Integration With Windows and .NET

SQL Server integrates well with Windows thanks to features like:

  • Support for Windows Authentication for more robust security.
  • A rich programmatic interface from .NET allowing for efficient a powerful data-centric applications.
  • Support for the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) which allows database procedures, functions and triggers to be written in any CLR language.

Timely Release of Features That Matter

Microsoft is obviously investing a lot into developing new, relevant features. Releases have been accelerating since 2000 to the current rate of about 1-2 per year. The latest release (2008 R2) introduced such valuable features as:

  • Power Pivot is a powerful and easy-to-use integration of SQL Server into Excel. It gives Excel users the ability to perfom sophisticated data analysis and reporting without having to adopt expensive Business Intelligence toolsets.
  • Master Data Services allows larger organizations to maintain an authoritative version of data that is consumed across departments. This is useful in larger organizations where multiple systems record different versions of the same information.
  • The latest release of Report Builder (version 3.0) boosts the feature set making it possible to produce sophisticated repors including ones that integrate data with maps.
  • For small organizations, the database size limit of the free Express Edition of SQL Server has been increased to a very respectable 10 GB.

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